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Roxy: I’m not sure who my favorite poet is, but i do still write, bits and pieces here and there.

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Though, I have no plans of ever pursuing a career in architecture or anything like that.

Caramel: When it comes to dating, would you rather be with a celebrity or a regular non-extravagant person? My friends and I have coined the follow phrase for my fashion sense: Gothic High Fashion Hookeresque. In all honesty, my fashion is my own personal taste.

Ironically, when I saw your Facebook, my visual image of the way I’d love to see you was realized with your recent photos.

I wanted to know why you’re presenting yourself in a much more feminine manner these days.

lol Caramel: It might seem ridiculous that I’d ask about what you you’d like to do when you retire when you’re at the height of your popularity, but I know that you’re pretty serious about architecture.

Is that what you’d like to do for a living when you retire from porn?High fashion plays a big role in all of it, as I take them all and roll them in a big blunt of high fashion.😛 Caramel: Who’s your favorite poet and are you still writing?When I began to get into gay porn, what lead me to it was what is usually classified as “twink” and “femboi” content.That said, you became my favorite star in the arena of gay adult films.I’ve played the piano for 16 years, and I took lessons for 11 years. I usually wake up around 11am, then I go and smoke a couple cigarettes and check all my shit on my phone, go in, do the bathroom morning ritual we all do, then I go on my mac and check all my Internet shit, eat, then do random nonsense online and on my phone.