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“They learn that there’s some kind of a ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ around nudity and sexuality,” Freedman Smith says.

Instead, be curious and ask questions: “Why do you like that boy? A trial date is set later this month for the 13-year-old boy charged in the shooting of his teacher and a fellow student at Noblesville West Middle School.Parents should be calm about it, because you’ve got to keep that door of communication open.” Bates says parents shouldn’t laugh it off, or tell their kids they’re too young to be interested in the opposite sex. “The feelings are real, even though the relationships aren’t adult relationships,” she says.If they start to feel embarrassed, they might not be honest with you in the future. This legislation sounds super boring, but it’s actually really important to protect your privacy and information.

Do Something is working really quickly to comply to these new laws.

“It’s the idea that you fall in love with someone,” says Freedman Smith, whose nine-year-old son has been crushing on girls since he was in grade one.

Kids this age are also just doing something they’ve been doing since birth: copying their parents.

The suspect answered each of the magistrate’s questions with “Yes, your honor” or “No, your honor.” He spoke clearly and kept his eyes on Magistrate judge Todd Ruetz as he read aloud the 11 charges. WFYI is not naming the suspect because he is not charged as an adult.

But it is uncertain if the court hearing will happen as scheduled. "A case like this, complex, with this much going on, it is unrealistic to be at a trial stage, or stage of this position, in three weeks or so,” he told WTHR after the hearing.

” “Between ages six and eight, our kids start to think about their classmates in a different way, maybe liking a boy or thinking he’s kind of cute,” Bates explains.