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An entirely new information economy opened up overnight, and the first 900 number entrepreneurs struck gold..In 1987, Bentz was working in TV advertising at a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut.

Bentz founded a company called Advanced Telecom Services to assist 900 number entrepreneurs, and soon he’d helped launch phone lines that look like a preview of today’s most popular websites.ATS also created a large network of sports lines with an emphasis on college football recruiting.Ring Central offers a variety of toll-free numbers so customers can phone your business free of charge.You can choose the instantly recognizable 800 number prefix or choose from 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 numbers.Ring Central numbers are competitively priced, so you can use them for all of your business needs.

Minute bundles range from 1,000- to 100,000-minute sets to satisfy even the highest-volume users.“When they came to renew, they would complain, and then they would say yes.I knew there had to be some money in this.” there were only 44 numbers with the 900 prefix available while AT&T beta-tested the technology.“You want to save Larry the Lobster,” Murphy told the viewers, “dial 1-900-720-1808. Now, unless you call in to save him, we’re going to boil Larry’s little butt right here on national television…The phone company is going to charge you 50 cents, but isn’t it worth 50 cents to save Larry’s life?Or look at it this way: Isn’t it worth half a buck to see us boil Larry on TV?You can also create a custom vanity phone number to reinforce your company branding.