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With the impending threat of having to move to Greatest Journal to get their fix of Harry Potter fucking Draco Malfoy, the militant lesbian factions of the internets swarmed on Live Journal, refusing to let this affront to their sensibilities and only source of masturbatory material go unchallenged.

Six Apart, realizing they pulled a hell of a boner, tried to make it go away as quickly as possible.

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None revealed any danger, so she activated the controls, punching in the coordinates that would take her to her daughter.

As the ship took off, she shuddered, and attempted to look into someone's--anyone's--eyes, which, of course, was not possible.

She was more than a bit intimidating to a man who felt less of one compared to a woman such as herself. She wasn't even allowed to--well, that wasn't quite correct.

According to the Council, she was allowed to have a lover, but wasn't allowed to get close to them.

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