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Table 2 shows the application source files for the complete application.

You can download the zipped file containing all of these source files (see Downloadable resources).

I can add the account in Receiver, my two factor authentication works and the account gets added successfully.

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Using HTTP(S), the forms and Android application communicate to: The server side of this tutorial is implemented as a pair of files: an XML document describing the form and a PHP document responsible for recording the submission of the form.The Android application is a native application written in Java code using the Android SDK and coded in Eclipse.Physical inventory and cycle counting applications were some of the early practical applications of mobile computing.These applications were often , where the hardware required a docking station to upload the collected information.Companies with billion dollar market-caps exist thanks to their effectiveness in storing, retrieving, and managing vast amounts of information.

The databases in use today are fed by systems of varying architectures including the main frame, client server, web applications, and now mobile applications.

The market for mobile applications has come a long way since those early days, and wireless connectivity and devices are nearly ubiquitous in many cultures and markets, invading virtually every aspect of daily life.

While the means of collecting data may have become more mobile, the core aspect of data collection has not changed significantly.

For more information on how to setup an Android development environment, look in Related topics for links to both of the required tools, plus some introductory articles and tutorials on developing applications for Android.

Having a familiarity with Android is helpful in understanding this tutorial.

Figure 1 depicts the relation of the application to one or more servers that provide data entry forms of varying content.