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we settled on out of arms and premiered ourselves at the zeitgeist gallery in cambridge r.i.p.Favourite dresden doll dresden dolls interview amanda palmer brian viglione 2005.The participatory nature of the audience and my college buddies working with her illustrates a trait I see between Palmer and myself.

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Mostly along the lines of a dark circus performance acts, but creating an atmosphere transcending beyond the concert performance itself.

This is what I love about Dresden Doll concerts; The audience becomes apart of the performance.

At the end of each concert, I feel a lacking that these individuals will mostly hang up their traits until the Dolls perform again.

This I find the most depressing part of a Dolls concert.

He intensely listens and observes the other musicians in his work.

I can put more words to this, but I’m detracting from the point of this post.This would be a good time to subscribe to the Seg On Media RSS feed…Before I continue, I want to make crystal clear that there is no ill will between me and Amanda Palmer & associates.I want to talk about a project that didn’t end up happening and share a story about my personal realizations of my own success.How I reached the point where I don’t desperately need to work on a project for a major recording artist, but I can choose and wanted to work with one.When I finally got to see them perform at the Avalon, I certainly became a fan.