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Do you like watching men vaguely threaten other men?

Do you like to watch parents wrestle with the antiquated idea of giving permission for their daughters to get married?

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They've been one of the strongest couples on the show from the get-go but insiders tell us Lisa Hyde and Luke Mc Leod's relationship hit the skids after they left Paradise and he hooked up with another girl!"Apparently Luke slept around on Lisa and she found out," spills our insider."She was so upset that she retreated to London and Paris, to try and heal from the pain of it all." But things got awkward when after a boozy night out Lisa started posting some private stuff about Luke to the contestants' group chat page.He is scum of the earth and a pathological liar."Just months after Grant's stint on US where he proposed to Lace Morris after just a few weeks.The couple called off the engagement a few months later."Ali travelled to LA to see him after the show, because she was considering moving there and really thought it was going to work out," a source says.

"But he tried to make her have a threesome with one of his mates and so she got scared and came running home."It's not the first time Grant's has found himself in hot water with women.

Tia cried and cried in the limo home about how hard it is for her to trust people, and basically get ready to be googled, Arie.

So, of the three remaining women, Arie's in love with two of them, one has to win, one (or at least one) has an ex-boyfriend show up to try and win her back, and one will most likely be the next Bachelorette (unless they pull another Arie on us).

If you said yes to any of those questions, then congratulations, ‘cause tonight was the , just because the drama between any of the girls gets put on hold in favor of the women bringing home a dude (who is dating three other women) to meet their parents (who are fully aware the dude is dating three other women) to discuss their potential future as a married couple.

Every parent wants to know if this is the real deal, and Arie has to tell them all that it is, even though, again, he is dating four women at once.

"I love that so much.""See you soon, studmuffin," Becca said as Arie left her on her own doorstep.