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Then, too late, the second anchor was let go, but did not hold. I am sorry to say that no exertion ‘was made to save the Ship or Cargo. I wanted Clements to let the kedge anchor be run from the ship, but he would take no notice of what any person said. I have seen some shipwrecks, but anything to equal this, I have never witnessed. We have experienced much kindness from Mr Goodwin, the British Consul, who provided us with provisions and lodgings during our stay, We left some of our passengers on the Island of St. Roberts, near Derry, and Doctor Clerk, of Skibbereen, Mrs.

You can imagine what a situation we were in, leaving the boat and getting most of the passengers ashore. Jago, who intended to return to Ireland by America, viz, Mr. Weston and child (of Cork) who went on in the Mary of London the next day. AI must give you an account of our proceedings since we left Cork Harbour.

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Ideas of geography were vague in those days and there was no post. The two elder girls understood, and with Mattie’s help, tried to make things as comfortable as possible. Everything to them was exciting and it was only because of Biddy’s anxious care that they did not go head foremost down the hold. The sea was not very friendly for a few days, and no one was very happy.Then the gentlemen on board made a startling discovery.The Captain had not been long at sea when he appeared to have a mighty thirst, and was often incapable, so the passengers had not only to put their new knowledge to the test, but also had to take over the management of the crew.The voyage was a tremendous trial of endurance for the mothers.There were a few crates of fowls and eggs, as a special treat. Neighbours came to bid them farewell, bringing gifts that they hoped would be useful.

Young men, feeling the stir of adventure, called to note all the preparations.

We are, thank God, all safe, though with an entire loss of property, except for a few torn rags that we got on the shore, next day.

On the 15th of August, we came to anchor in Porto Prayo Island of St.

Also they had lost all their possessions, so carefully selected and packed, with which they had intended to furnish their new home.

Not one of the party could understand or speak Portuguese, and though there was a British Consul they could turn to, they longed to be with their own people.

A big couch, some Chippendale chairs and the harpsichord on which they had already learnt their notes. They also bought clothes and hats suitable for the climate. No tins of powdered or preserved milk had yet appeared, so Betsy, the little cow, had to travel with them, in the anxious care of Paddy .