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I am shy at first but looking for someone to share some adventures with... Love animals I am good company & easy to spend time with. Thanks girls for another I own a SUP that I don't get to use enough.

I play hockey in the winter for my local team, which I love :) I'm a tiler and like getting my hands dirty at work.

I enjoy spending time with my friends over food and a Interests/Hobbies: Playing guitar, song writing, photography, art, water sports, nature, gardening, dining out, picnics I love having my solitude moments to blast my fav tunes and get creative.

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Love to chat over a good coffee or a glass of of something.I enjoy gardening and the great outdoors as keeping fit is important to me.After the last post, an exhibition on two centuries of archaeology at U-M opens at the Kelsey.Visit the exhibit—a joint project of the UMMAA and the Kelsey—from October 18, 2017 to May 27, 2018.Moving to the Coast I love a variety of music, hiking, i love crossfit, playing pool, Mountain bike riding and exploring the beach. Since then my relationship has become my work which has ultimately led me back to Sydney.

After my relationship ended i really threw myself back into my art and kinda bit of a sporty person, love the out doors & working on my car, plenty of interests now im back on the coast i´ll b at the beach rain or shine......I enjoy good conversation over dinner, meeting up for coffee and movies.Family, friends and work are important to Thinking it's time to get back in the saddle and meet new people and see what happens... A big blue eyed tall passionate girl, I read,drum,kayak, enjoy art, movies, good food & wine, music & dance HAPPY 2017 GIRLS - CENTRAL COAST RAINBOW GIRLS LUNCHEON GROUP - 7TH YR Dreams do come true girls, as I have met my perfect partner on Pink Sofa quite a few years ago now - MAGIC DOES HAPPEN SO DON'T EVER GIVE UP!The entries will highlight objects from the collections, museum personalities, and UMMAA expeditions.The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology is also posting each day for 200 days on Twitter and Facebook (follow along at #KMA200).Also very new to the central coast, that new in fact that I won't be there for 3 weeks :) Hey there, I enjoy playing soccer, the beach and most outdoor activities but on a rainy day snuggling and movies are the way to go.