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For example, what if interest rates go up, or you fall ill or lose your job?

Housing counselors help with mortgage debt and can also advise renters, people interested in buying a new home and seniors who want to take advantage of reverse mortgages.

Housing counseling coupled with debt consolidation or even debt settlement can help people avoid foreclosure on their homes or people who want to take advantage of different government programs.

Debt counselors offer a variety of services in local offices, online or over the phone to help with a debt consolidation plan. Most debt settlement cases are settled in 24-48 months. No upfront fees, with the final fee varying between 18-25% of enrolled debt. Service is month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime. Offers free online financial education webinars and three debt solutions, including debt consolidation. United Debt Counselors is a debt settlement company that helps with credit card debt.

Specialized credit counseling available for military families. Debt consolidation programs and loans take 12-60 months depending on affordability, and no fees are required until debts are settled. They can reduce the interest you’re paying and may be able to negotiate a debt settlement this is much lower than your current balance.

Flat 18% fee based on amount of debt owed at time of enrollment. Country Wide Debt Relief has several options for debt relief, including debt settlement, debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling services. Average monthly fee is about , and no fee is charged until debts are settled. Average debt reduction is around 47% with debts settled in three years or less depending on the pace at which the program is funded.

Offers credit counseling, debt consolidation and housing counseling. Settlement percentages average between 40%-60% of original debt. They help people facing financial hardships, including people facing bankruptcy. Fees range from 14%-20% based on the amount of debt at enrollment. No upfront payments and no fees until a debt settlement is reached, which typically takes 24-48 months. Before consolidating debt, the consumer should find a reputable credit counseling organization for advice on money management and debt relief.There are a wide variety of debt management programs.Make certain when signing up for a debt management program that you understand the details, especially regarding customer support.You should get free debt advice before taking out a debt consolidation loan.A better option might be a 0% or low-interest balance transfer card.If you're in the market for debt consolidation, you may also want to look into debt management as well.