Cost of dating coach

We have cast a wide net to capture thousands of singles to increase the pool of potentials for clients.

We don’t slap people together to see if they stick.

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But you are not promised a match and we don't look for matches specifically for you.Our clients gain the advantage of a more intimate relationship with our premiere matchmaking professionals and are guaranteed introductions from their Matchmaker.Their various routes can take you to many city destinations for a great price.If you fancy a night or two in one of the capital cities of the UK, you can visit London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, while if another destination is on your must-visit list, there are stops in Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle and Glasgow, amongst many other places of interest.Also, we can literally walk up to someone we see at the gym or walking down the street and give them a card and explain what we do. We screen people before agreeing to search for their match to ensure we can do a good job for them and that their expectations are in line with what we can achieve.

This is actually a very effective way we have found new clients. The Matchmakers individually have about 15 to 20 active clients each at any given time.

We also recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and someone else’s ’10’ may be more of a ‘7 or 8’ to you.

We work hard introduce singles of the same caliber.

Others are high profile and require a unique approach to protecting their privacy, and consequently screening/prepping the singles prior to introductions.

So, there is no “typical” client or recruit to answer your question.

It’s a mix of all different types of people from all different backgrounds.* Our database has thousands of singles of vast diversity and stories.