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While details on his past are scarce, he had apparently been hauled into another asylum for his depraved dentistry and escaped to the abandoned Thorney Towers, which he took over and used The Dragon to Dr. Was once an inmate under Fred's orderly station, but turned the tables by driving Fred mad by beating him at a game of Waterloo-o. A Cloudcuckoolander Conspiracy Theorist who once had a job as a department store guard, but was fired, resulting in him going crazy and burning down the store, and being taken into an asylum.

Later, he's approached An aspiring musical starlet who was sent by her cruel mother to the Hagatha Home School For Girls, under an Evil Matriarch and numerous bullies who made her life miserable, making her all the more glad to leave the school and rise to her career.

Also, by default, any and all shipping involving these characters as of their in-game ages or near will be a Toy Ship.

A girl adept at invisibility who developed this skill due to her mother not wanting to look at her, as it reminded her of Milka's father. Both of them had only joined the band as a cover to stay together and, in J. They left when Bobby and Benny expressed their desire to join.Strikes up a romance with Elton, which sometimes uses Invisibility, to Raz's confusion. Kitty has been listed as a vocalist, but it's unknown if she ever got in.She's also a kind soul who loves working with kids. Son of a cobbler, this German superspy seems woefully mismatched with his partner, the obnoxiously colorful Milla Vodello.He displays almost no emotion, though he seems to have a weird sense of humor buried deep down.Open your FREE online dating account and get immediate access to online lesbian personals for Elka Park!

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At some point, he was inducted into Thorney Towers for his obsession with painting and bulls. Loboto's assistant - not willingly, as she despises what he's doing and yet has to help him, as not only is she terrified of him, he's holding her pet turtle Mr.

He tries to paint masterpieces, but always ruins them at the last moment by going into a rage and painting a matador and bull over them. Pokeylope hostage and will kill him if she doesn't cooperate.

She snapped when she received news of her mother commiting suicide by jumping off an apartment roof due to her own fame and success having eclipsed hers, developing a severe case of bipolar disorder and landing her in Thorney Towers.

A descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte, who, after repeatedly losing games of Waterloo-o to Crispin in his former job as an orderly, went insane and was possessed by the angry genetic memory of his ancestor, who forced him to become a great tactician (ironically in a mental game of Waterloo-o).

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