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Clary was unknowingly supposed to have another session with Magnus in 2007, two years after the last.

Simon slept over at their house, with Simon even sleeping on the same bed as Clary, often, and though things were purely platonic for Clary, Simon fell in love with her.Though most people around them knew, Clary remained oblivious to his feelings for her and only saw him as a best friend. At one point, she joined an art group and began taking classes at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.One evening, she dragged Simon to the Pandemonium Club, where she encountered a group of Shadowhunters and saw them kill a boy, who turned out to be an Eidolon demon.When Clary had Simon call security, no one else, not even Simon, saw the Shadowhunters, until they slipped out undetected.Eventually, Jocelyn and her best friend Lucian Graymark began to plot thwarting Valentine's planned Uprising.

Jocelyn, upon finding out that she was pregnant with Clary, had wanted to leave Valentine but feared that he would come after them and knew that he had to die to guarantee their safety.Simon says that Paris was “wild” and didn’t insist that they be exclusive.Οκτώ τρελές νύχτες (performer: "Davey's Song", "Patch Song", "Long Ago", "Technical Foul", "Intervention Song", "Bum Biddy", "The Chanukah Song Part 3") / (producer: "Davey's Song", "Patch Song", "Long Ago", "Technical Foul", "Intervention Song", "Bum Biddy", "Grand Finale/It's Your Moment, Whitey!With Jocelyn worried about Clary's Sight and potentially running into elements of the Shadow World, she informed Clary the following morning that they were going to spend the summer at Luke's farmhouse, infuriating Clary who had her own plans, including her ongoing Tisch classes.Clary left with Simon without hearing Jocelyn's reasons.Jocelyn hoped that Clary would have a blind Inner Eye, meaning she'd need to be trained like some Shadowhunters to see the Shadow World.