Dating a rastafarian man

So under the influence of something, they kiss and cuddle regardless of who is within eyeshot.

And if you carefully observe, you would almost think it is a love with no chance of faltering. First on the block was artiste Jose Chameleone and Dorotia.

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This takes us to the jungle fever complex, which rules out a totally mutual romance between black and white races.

In his movie, Jungle Fever, Spike Lee examines sexual attraction between members of two distinct races.

A successful and married black man (Wesley Snipes) contemplates having an affair with a white girl (Annabella Sciorra) from their place of work, but one teeny-weeny quite rightly worries him - that the racial difference would make an already taboo relationship even worse.

And indeed, their liaison causes an explosion on both home fronts and ultimately leads to recriminations and racial animosity as each of their kin want them to follow their respective races for prosperous relationships thereafter.

To them, its merely a question of two adults doing their thing.

More often, you see a couple so cosy and apparently not alone - they seem intoxicated.Much as she accepts that she would fall in love with a Rasta for their simplicity and down-to-earth demeanour, Nina is not sure whether shewould take it to marriage levels. In Switzerland (Berne Capital), we have Rastafarian clubs like Craffiti, Gaskessel and Reithalle that hold Rasta parties and play Raggae music.Racial bias Asked whether her view has a racial bias, Nina only says, Not really. This makes us appreciate them even the more, Nina says.And it is not surprising that shortly after, they break-up to concentrate on a love bound by blood, hence nullifying the literal clichs of brotherhood and oneness.In fact this is why most of the reasons these couples give are devoid of the lifetime spark.And just when we were beginning to regard dating white girls as a big do, a number of such relationships seem to have sprouted and demystified the whole affair.