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And if you date with the goal of self-improvement or self-satisfaction, there is a very good chance that you're going to get hurt or you're going to hurt someone else. Besides, fairy tales never begin with "A group of knights gathered together to fight for a handful of maidens, only later to decide who rescues who." Romantic stories are never written that way because that doesn't speak to our hearts.Dating should have a purpose—to learn who and how to love. It is only when one knight takes a calculated risk and battles for the hand of a beautiful princess that we see true commitment and intimacy. One of the biggest problems with group dating is that it allows men to be passive.

Although dating sounds like an ideal way to simply shop around for Mr. I can appreciate their intentions, but going from one extreme to another has not alleviated our problems.Right, it is too easy to get emotionally and physically involved. It has just given most singles a whole new set of issues to deal with—loneliness, despair, and confusion ranking at the top of the list.Even God said, "It is not good for man to be alone" and then He created Eve to be man's partner (Genesis ).The answer to the reckless and shameless dating often seen in America today isn't found at the dogmatic, ultraconservative end of the spectrum.Some people we will never see again, some will become friends, and some may become more.

But in every instance, we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and about the diversity of humanity. Nothing of any substance ever gets discussed in a group of co-ed friends when the intention of the get-together is to date.When two people in the group finally do connect, they often break away from their friends to escape the gossip and preconceived notions.We've learned the hard way that the only thing more dangerous than a misguided individual is a misguided group.The purpose of dating is to find the "right one" with whom to spend the rest of your life. These are all things I'd rather do than go on a group date. Emotional intimacy cannot be cultivated between two people if they are surrounded by ten of their best friends.If you simply want to have fun, meet interesting people, or learn about yourself, don't do it within the context of dating. When you hang out in a group, it isn't dating—it's socializing. While I'll agree that a group setting can be an excellent way to meet someone new, it is a terrible way to get to know someone's heart.There is another downside to group dating that often gets overlooked. When young adults get together in groups to try to develop romance, everybody is in everybody else's business.