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However, Byung-hoon’s debtors come asking for money and threaten his life, so he is forced to take the project. Jade.” I’m not sure if this is a translation glitch or the title is really just this weird. *bitterly: Well, except the madness that was The Great Seer, but that was TOTALLY the writer’s and director’s fault.Cyrano Agency stages an elaborate scene at the train station where “thugs” discuss grabbing the vet who wears a mysterious detective outfit. We get a series of separate ‘cases’ the Agency takes on, but connecting it all is the team, the core characters who aren’t subbed in and out. Grrr* Lee Jong-hyuk – aka Joon-soo’s dad heh heh heh – is gonna be all kinds of awesome, I can already feel it. You can tell Min-young’s heart is racing, because your heart is too!

Turns out, the librarian (Lee Yoon-ji) isn’t as much of an angel as described.She’s pretty OCD and seems to have anger management issues.The Cyrano Agency has expected her return, but Byung-hoon quickly changes the subject and asks to hear the client’s story.Byung-hoon seems to have Sherlock Holmes’ abilities as he spies through the details and deduces that the client is a vet. This Flower Boy business started with Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Flower Boy Next Door.

I’m not a crazy fan of the series but I enjoyed the first half of since, as far as I remember, the movie was super cute!The vet describes his one-sided love for the local librarian.Byung-hoon cuts him off and makes Min-young drive so they can go observe their “target” aka librarian.She meets Moo-jin and Ah-rang (Jo Yoon-woo) but freaks out and falls down causing the stage to collapse.She gets up only to see Byung-hoon and all the notes/spying business/information Cyrano Agency has used to destroy the set up she planned.Byung-hoon gathers that the librarian is bored with her job and needs an exciting mysterious lover to keep her interested.