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The new locks, built in parallel to the first set, would accommodate ships 245 feet long loaded to 14 foot draft with approximately 2500 tons of cargo. Dating from the mid 1880s, the building was demolished in 1962. The old hydro-electric plant can be seen in the distance right of centre - about 1935. Lock 18 - this view was taken from the New York Central Swing Bridge. Steamer Rapids Prince berthing at the Government Dock at the foot of the canal.

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CONISCLIFFE HALL meeting ACADIAN a short distance below the lock at Dickinson’s Landing. The RALPH S MISENER is secured to the floating docks located on the south side of the upper approaches to Lock 21 at Dikinson's Landing. The landing boom will be swung back to send another crewman ashore to help with the lines. The steamer passing through is either the THOROLD or the SHELTER BAY of the Quebec & Ontario Transportation Co. The salt water ship Kollfinn rounding the bend in the Corwall Canal below Dikinson's Landing. Kollfinn is a Norwegian flag ship built at Langesund, Norway, in 1952. The Misener canaller PAUL MANION heading down the Corwall Canal after departing Lock 21. 1953 Photo by Dan Mc Cormick The SHELTON WEED places a man on the dock above Lock 21 at Dikinson's Landing as she makes the dock.The dry dock was located between old Lock 16 and 17 with access through the latter. An area of two acres was available for berthing ships. Howard Smith Paper Mills on the canal below Lock 18. In the background are the old and new Locks 15 and eight canallers all waiting for a blockade of some sort to be cleared. This drydock was formerly the pool between Locks 16 and 17 of the first set of locks built at Cornwall. The SANDLAND has a special trunk deck for the carriage of rolls of paper. This photo shows the steamer CALGARIAN downbound in Loc K 15, The funnel showing over the lock-house belongs to a British American tanker upbound in Lock 17. The F W MOORE is up bound and manoeuvring carefully to enter Lock 17 of the Cornwall Canal. The MOORE was another unit of the Colonial Steamship Company which was owned by Captain Scott Misener. In the background behind CASABLANCA’s bow the rapids are dry and the power dam is being built.

From left to right are the new 270’ lock, then the old 200’ lock, and the weir for water flow and level control. Behind her is Misener’s canaller CLAYTON down bound into Lock 20.

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From left to right we have tug JENNIE M and the dredge DRAGUE NO. Lock 15, the lowest in the canal, opens into the river in the foreground. The basin between Locks 15 and 17, with the SS City of Montreal upbound. This was due to the new locks requiring just two locks to lift the ships to the level above the first three locks of the old system. The Upper Lakes Shipping canaller SHIRLEY G TAYLOR is passing the Canal Office located between Locks 17 and 15 of the Cornwall Canal. At Prescott they connected with much larger ships that brought passengers down Lake Ontario from Toronto and other lake side communities.