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Not really looking for man-sex Early 30s Mommy and (male) baby looking for Nanny/Daddy/Older sibling Mommy has been afflicted by a chronic illness (diagnosed, medicated for) and is no longer fully able to care for baby.She is looking for help and someone who will be a good addition to our house.

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Also, you have to admit that the current methods of modifying the body to match the mind are extremely crude and primitive.The human body is an incredibly intricate machine and we know very little about how it works and how to instruct it to modify itself.I'll just go ahead and put in my details.20 years old, male, Southern California.I've only embraced abdl a few months ago by taking a dive and ordering a few ABU samples and immediately loved it.A much better argument would be to link to any of the many scientific studies which report finding physical differences in the brains of trans people.

Throw in a bit of philosophy to show that "you" are only your mind and that your body is just a vehicle, and you have a coherent argument.This should not be a deal breaker, you need to realize, you can not condition your life around any sort of sexual desire, thats how you get dragged into uncomfortable situations with insane people, extremely manipulative since suggestion is why don't you all just make cummies in your diapers like good babies and go to sleep thinking of what wonderful mommies you would get if you weren't so afraid to actually take your chances out there instead of whinning annonimaly in an IBwhat wonderful mommies you would get if you weren't so afraid to actually take your chances out there instead of whinning annonimaly in an IBseem like entirely contradictory statements.Are you complaining about people taking risks or are you complaining about people not taking risks?As recent reports suggest that the LDS Church is losing its Millennial members at a rapid pace (see here and here), this interview begins to explore why.49738biologically speaking he's not wrong.besides some of that mans sperm cells every cell in his body is male and no amount of hormones, operations, hairstyles or preferred pronouns will change the science TLDRkeep your science-phobia to yourself :)49742SO sorry i don't know the exact pronouns she uses or what she identifies as as i don't watch their videos all that much or haven't read a synopsis they have possibly written about themselves. Nobody needs to know what they are or identify as to enjoy it. As this guy Holy shit, what a failed thread so far.Initially, I thought I was only a DL, but a look at myself after the coming weeks I had noticed I already owned 2 onesies, a pacifier, typically ordered diapers with cute furshit on it, and I even went as far as digging through the internet to order an exact copy of my childhood stuffed dog that I now sleep with every night.