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Single men and single women in Ottawa are no different.

And we thought we’d help them along by launching an online dating site where people who wear a uniform to work (policemen, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, soldiers, pilots and so on) and those who admire them and understand the pressure they are under at work can come together to mingle.

Unlike a bar where some are single and others aren’t, everyone on a dating site want to be approached. Find someone who sparks your interest and send them a message!

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In late June, residents and visitors can pick strawberries at Fraisière Cosmos.Sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive the best and most up to date Real Estate news right away. Vautour enjoys all aspects of primary optometric care, and has an interest in ocular health, contact lens therapy, and refractive surgery.Truth be told the dating scene is similar in most cities - people go to places where they think they will meet likeminded people.Choose the place that sparks your interest and where you think both you and your date will feel the most relaxed.

Embrun is part of the larger Russell Township in the National Capital Region.

Every month we also pick a winner among our newsletter readers.

Last month we sent a lucky couple to Florida on us!

Embrun's residents are renowned for their community involvement and avid participation in cultural and sporting activities.

Embrun follows the friendly small town culture of "everyone knows everyone"; many people know or have acquaintances with most other residents of the town.

Due to social and economic pressures in the Province of Quebec in the mid-1800s, a number of French Canadians moved to Ontario in search of prime agricultural land during that time.