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" The site touts itself as not only connecting single feline lovers but also as a social networking site.Farmers Only Maybe The Bachelor's Chris Soules should find love here instead of vying for love on ABC.

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These stories have touched the lives of all women, including those far outside media, entertainments and politics, because they're so familiar, because we've been there too. And for women who are currently dating, or trying to date, the endless tales can be a reminder of the dangers that come with opening yourself up to a stranger—and the stark differences between how men and women approach consent, sex and assault. It’s not because I want to leave a cell-tower scatterplot of my Friday night plans, but I fear what might happen if I don’t. When you can’t walk with a group, carry one in your purse.Ahead, eight women reveal how they’re approaching dating in a new, post-Weinstein, #Me Too world (one that likely wouldn’t exist if we weren’t also in a post-Trump world) and what it means to open your relationship up to these difficult, necessary conversations."What’s startling for me, post-Weinstein, is how little has changed in the way I date. I’m not the only one who runs this drill: when going on a date with someone new, every woman I know has a network of friends on the other side of her phone screen. We acknowledge a truth in our quiet routines—that even if we aren’t heading into a hotel with a powerful man, we know better than to go alone.For me, these scandals conjure bitter personal memories of sexual harassment, plus painful memories of uncountable times men and society silenced me, explicitly or implicitly. To him, I’m a whole person, my own universe, rather than simply a satellite in his universe—a first for me in a romantic relationship. Why did they continue to engage with their harasser, professionally and personally, even after the awful things he did? I have felt deep frustration and yes, anger, perhaps even moreso because my man is one of the good guys. In making victims 'wrong' by questioning their choices and actions, we perpetrate the cycle of shame and silence. He commended my strength and apologized for his gender.But recently, I’ve often struggled to maintain composure and openness while explaining things to him that every woman I know understands intuitively: Why didn’t they just say no? When a man literally holds your life, including your ability to put food on your table, in his hands, the dynamic changes. My initial impulse was to avoid making waves with him. Everything was so sincere, and it no longer felt like baggage. me (that I definitely could have lived without, for sure).Tall This site brings together tall singles and their "admirers." It offers a free membership with a paid option, and there's a blog where people can post their own articles.

A recent search turned up one user asking if they were the only person there, another sharing favorite quotes and a post from someone whose horse was suffering from self-confidence issues.

I’m enraged when they slut shame other women as a means of complimenting me. I ask a lot of questions and try my best to carefully analyze the photos of anyone I meet. I remember things that my own father would say years ago that he would never say now and that’s because he’s got two razor-tongued daughters that continually check him at any opportunity. At the moment, I don’t have a concrete solution for this problem and I also don’t have a boyfriend either.""As our culture has shifted and become slightly less accepting of men who sexually assault people, I have found that I now have zero tolerance for any sort of perpetuation of rape culture. For example, I was talking on the phone with the guy I've been seeing for a few months.

And yet, I feel trapped because I have no alternative way to try to get to know someone to become a potential partner. We were talking about Matt Lauer and he said something along the lines of 'that stuff's inexcusable, but why didn't the women come forward years ago when it happened?

Farmers Only, which launched in 2005 (and its platform looks like it), helps country folk find partners who understand their long days on the farm.

It has 2 million members and offers free and premium membership options.

' A year ago, I might have let it slide or just made a small comment, especially since we haven't been seeing each other that long.