Dating sagittarius women

While dating a Sagittarius woman, remember to keep her engaged in as many activities as possible.Without enough things to do, she will lose interest and become moody and also irritable. Loving a Sagittarius woman means giving her enough of her own space.Now, once you are a couple, you must take her on frequent trips (even if short), and I am not talking about family visit to Grandma’s place!

She does not give a hoot whether she is making any fashion statement or causing a new trend with her style.As long as she feels comfortable, she is more than happy. She is in ‘a love that never dies’ kind of a love with maxi skirts. Baggy denims and sportswear are her favorites, as she need not apply makeup or even don any jewelry. She thinks that these adornments hide the real her and I certainly do think that’d be criminal!Loving a Sagittarius woman is understanding that love is an eternal mystery for her.While it is a highly sought-after prize, it is also the most hidden treasure.She loves letting her hair down every now and then, and loves to have a little fun.

However, you must make sure that all this is not against what you like doing, because a Sagittarius woman in love becomes more sensitive than usual and as such would be upset if you aren’t joining in on the fun as well.

In spite of the fact that she is in a relationship, she needs independence to come and go. However, she will not allow you to ‘own’ her on any given day.

The biggest mistake that you will ever make with your Sagittarius girlfriend is to fence her in and expect that she will make changes in her lifestyle to suit your preferences.

A Sagittarius woman in love is looking for a man who can match her mental and physical strengths, one who can explain to her the mystery called life, and one who loves her immensely. Well, I promise you this is a deal better than your dream job, buddy!

A Sagittarius woman in love is trustworthy and straightforward.

This should not surprise you since her ruling element is fire.