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The service doesn't log in as you - it simply sends out a bot to grab the status info from the profile pages.Surprisingly, Dating Anyone isn't the only player in this space - a more lightweight service called Single does exactly the same thing.The privacy settings are pleasantly simple - you can choose who can see what about you, and all the settings are on one page.

We have social integration to share quizzes with your friends on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

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The wall is really just a basic message board, and doesn't have the same dynamic feel of its rival.

Despite being a less developed social space, My Space is still a useful place to check out music and entertainment, and is great for anyone who loves to customize their personal space.

The social basis of My Space is your friends and profile page.

Finding and inviting friends is easy, and you get get set up in no time.There are many reasons why you might want to create a quiz. Radio clients Robin has worked with include presenters on: XFM London, BBC, Key 103, Absolute Radio, Rock FM, Heart FM, Capital FM, Clyde 1, Real Radio, Kiss 100, Virgin Radio (international), Galaxy, Today FM (Ireland) Signal 1 and a load more!For example, to install an avatar from Gd in My Space: Go to the My Space homepage, click on "Home" and log in, if necessary. Go to the "Upload Photo" box part way down the page and click on "Browse...".Find the avatar, that You have downloaded from Gd on your computer and click "Open".My Space NOW is a deliberately social dating site; for fun, for entertainment purposes, for instant gratification but nor for serious dating with commitment.