Dating with colombians

It looks like this is a byproduct of the disco craze, which was HUGE in The Big Apple in the late 70‚s and early 80‚s.Take another look at Saturday Night Fever when you get the chance.Tony Manero (John Travolta) is King of the Latin Hustle in the local Brooklyn discos.

The current New York salsa style is called Mambo or Salsa On 2.It‚s a blend of Puerto Rican salsa and Latin Hustle with the break on the second beat of the clave.The backing vocalists keep the standard response running while the lead vocalist improvises. The other feature of cuban timba is that it often blends other rhythms into the breaks.Reggae, rap and hip hop have a huge following in Cuba, and the timba musicians love to play with those rhythms, and intertwine them into their salsa.The dominant influences are from Puerto Rican salsa, Latin Ballroom and probably Lindy Hop ( The LA style “shines” have their roots in Latin Ballroom.

Couples break away from each other in the middle of a dance to start “shining”.It started out in the 1950’s at the Casino Deportivo in Havana.The people invented a new casino dance, using popular dance steps of the time, danced as a group in a circle or wheel.These days New York salsa has a distinctly Puerto Rican sound ‚ smooth, polished, classic salsa.It tends to follow the jazz structure, incorporating lengthy instrumental breaks to showcase the ability of particular musicians.Women will extend their arms to strike a pose, then play with stylised hip and hair movements.