Dog intimidating other dogs

If you are considering adopting a powerful breed, make sure you are willing and able to take on the responsibility.For many fear-aggressive dogs, it is a lack of adequate dog exercise that is the root of the dog problem behavior.

These dogs are very powerful and, if they are unbalanced, they can cause serious injury.

Remember, these dogs don’t dream of being in the news when they grow up.

You need to earn your dogs’ trust, loyalty, and respect before the dogs will look to you as their leader and you do this by giving them rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Once your dogs see you as their pack leader, the dog on dog aggression will stop as they stop fighting for dominance because you will be their calm-assertive pack leader.

Dachshund means ‘badger dog’ in German, and any canine bred for the purpose of dealing with such a beast is no joke.

A badger is a fierce enemy, pound for pound one of the most dangerous creatures on earth; the dachshund had to match it in intensity to have any chance of surviving an encounter.

Dog exercise burns the dog's excess energy and helps maintain the dog's healthy state of mind.

This is important because, in order to talk to the mind, you need to remove the energy from the body.

Bad dog behavior and dog problems are not premeditated.

Bad things happen when powerful breeds (or mixes of powerful breeds) live with humans who like the breed but don’t understand and fulfill the animal in the dog.

You are welcome to share your own dog tips and behavior solutions among yourselves, however.