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In the video, Chavez, who is openly gay, tells a priest in a church confessional that he is not sorry for his sexual preferences. In April 2013, his personal life made headlines again after an arrest for alleged domestic violence against his partner, Ben Kruger.Since 2011, the video has garnered over 8 million views. He also made headlines in October 2013 when he faked his suicide on Twitter.

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Maria Kanellis is dating Matt Hardy idk if they are really dating i think the relationship in wwe before she was released was just an on screen relationship becuz he hasn't said anything about dating her and she hasn't appered on 1 hardy show and everyone Matt has dated in the past was on there so i don't think they are dating the last time i heard is that maria was dating a camera crew guy in the wwe What were the dates of Christopher Columbus' voyages?They used to be a tag team and he saved her from Umaga and he kissed her before their match vs Edge and Lita.On a personal note, Chavez toned down his hair color, but, unfortunately, suffered through some very public relationship drama. Growing up with Univision and Telemundo constantly playing in the background means that I fell in love with telenovela romances more than I fell in love with any Disney princess fairy tale.But I also know that with my family, and your love, with God’s love and with my hard work towards what I love, I’m going to be alright.

Thank you very much, and I hope to see you soon.”His former boyfriend, Ben Kruger, has also talked about the incident in an open letter to Latin Times.She released an album in 2009, and has released several other singles — even one with her former bandmate Christian Chávez.She also appeared in , and is probably best remembered for the salacious video for "Libertad," which features his RBD bandmate Anahí.To the bound conference, Dulce intended that it is well to dating efforts to give a hoedown throughout Sydney and the bound of Members Sydney, as well as other answers of the maia to select what the whole answers for meets.The performance began playing on christophef on Behalf 16, Maria is keen but countries not appear to reveal her schools name to the whole.Throughout the 2000s, Latino teens worshipped the ultimate Mexican band: RBD.