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This will make all the conversations fill the Facebook page and give you the option to search through the old Facebook messages.Note: The See All in Messenger screen, accessible here, is identical to the view in You can remember and type in the codes for standard emoticons, but you can't type in the emoji codes with your standard keyboards.

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The third tool in Facebook Chat is the actual chat tool.

First, check to see which of your friends is currently online for you to chat with.

While your favorite social network doesn't have an official history section where all your messages are stored, there is a pretty simple way to find the history logs for specific messages and search through them.

Tip: You also can see your archived Facebook messages through a similar process, but those messages are hidden away in a different menu.

Below is the best emoji list and it's super easy to use.

You will find all latest emojis with all skin color variations too.

If you're wanting to look through spam messages, you need to recover them from a different hidden area of your account.

The history of all of your Facebook instant messages is stored within each thread or conversation, but the method for finding it is different depending on whether you're using a computer or mobile device.

With 'Search' option you can find emojis very quickly, type into search field and have them instantly!

Our emoticon list contains standard emoticons all new Facebook Emoji!

If you are still baffled with meanings of emojis, simply move your pointer above any emoji to show its meaning.