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I do know that you can go to public health clinics for a sliding scale fee and that is where I would advise you to start.

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After all, we don't want to open pandora's box by asking about something we can't fix.

Along those lines, men often lack perspective on women's health so we're less likely to ask.

That is because one's kidneys do not need any "extra treatment".

Enjoy the spa, however, do not think it will have any effect on your kidneys. Read more Try Health Tap CONCIERGE, our virtual consultation premium service, and ask for an Ob-Gyn Concierge Specialist. That means getting engaged, getting married, settling down, with both having stable jobs that provide health insurance (babies have many doctor visits).But seems unprofessional to offer unsolicited advice especially if not conveying the md's advice. Read more Health Tap Prime is a virtual medical consultation service. Once you feel comfortable with one type, graduate to the next type. Read more Most of the best data bases of information are set up by the different societies.They say as many as 34% of office visits can actually be completed virtually - virtual medicine is one of the waves of the future, and Health Tap Prime is quite the mature product in this regard. The databases of information are linked to the literature.But the important thing is that chat and support groups are not a substitute for meeting regularly with a therapist and/or their doctor. Read more Samaritans (cherepovets), 54, stalevarov str.162600, cherepovets contact by: face to face - phone - letter: hotline: 007 (8202) 577-577hours: mon, tues, wed, thurs, fri, sat, sun: - * youth crisis line, d25, centralnaya street156014kostroma contact by: - phone hotline: (7) 0942 224 621 hours: mon, tues, wed, thurs, fri, sat, sun: - i was unable to find any. Read more You have posted on Health Tap's basic, free, public, informational forum...where neither medical care nor precriptions are given.For psychiatry, it is UNLIKELY for a patient to get medication unless there is an ongoing relationship between patient and doctor. Read more Try this site for facebook community, message board and email network: Php/resources/online-support-groups/ Overcoming challenges may be one of the most satisfying parts of life. Read more Online chat groups if appropriately moderated can be a helpful tool.