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This would be my last membership with them and would never come back to this bloody app!

Grindr regularly bans accounts without warning and with no justification given for the ban.

I have come across tons of profiles which showcase their torsos [headless images] and even the butts and they are all passed the "moderation check", while I had tried a number of times uploading similar image and they keep rejecting it.

Absolutely pointless and useless App as far as I'm concerned.I'd likely have better luck with an escort agency.The service is not in the level of the money taken! even if they ban for silly reasons sometimes and without a pre warn or notice we still understand they are their guidelines!!!but when people are paying you money for membership and are regular customers you have to find a way to resolve the problem instead of taking their money then you close their banning accounts with membership is that easy why giving people their money back is not easy too!The problem for me and them is that I had a Grindr Xtra Subscription.

If you have a paid subscription, ask immediately for a refund when they ban you.

and these people want you to pay for awful service? They will only tell you whatever they want to do on you... I put on my profile the findings that Pr EP is increasing unsafe sex and STIs and then, I get banned with no explanation.

Are these gay activist are getting paid for every pill stupid queens take instead of adhering to condom usage?

It baffles me that my brothers and sisters have reached the point of utter hatred towards one another, even to the point of physical and verbal threats.

Do NOT USE Grindr unless you want your self-esteem shattered.

At first their customer service would unban I hear NOTHING back from them. This is a weak app, looks shiny, professional and plasticy but it's amateurish. They banned me for posting inappropriate content after less than five minutes of use and all I did was post a face pic while wearing a polo shirt. You will meet normal ppl and those who are let just say have a certain character about them. Nothing special - especially when compared with its Windows Phone counterpart called Meet'em (by the way it was so good that Grindr shut it down by denying it an access to their network).