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i was curious to waht they where talking about, no wait, scrath that. "why don't you just losten to him and pay the damn money! I am terrified when I get closed in or my head is covered and someone's on top of me. Los árboles esperan: tú no esperes, es el tiempo de vivir, el único. Then write a short story about them winning the lottery. Imagine if your favorite character from 19th-century fiction had been born without thumbs. You are sitting in a decrepit coffee house and a stranger slides into the booth across from you. Please, you are my last hope at every reaching that love. Write the scene from the point of view of a busboy snorting cocaine in the restroom. Think of the most important se Zero is where we come from ‘Tis where we dissolve into Eyes close and sperms go Mirrors lie, time's a foe Life becomes a chaotic palette of colours Only in darkness, we can see the stars Who am I? Love is not a crime, call me queer Zero gives us value, The meaning to our lives Near the realm of the deepest blue Our true courage thrives Take a chance, let love in You only live once, be bare, be seen Live for others and do something new For zero marches on The rest die with you. One day, you said to me 'excuse me' I was stunned and I cannot do anything but letting you passed by. I saw those comments and delete that post immediately.

i drifted down from the cloud i was on and stumbled outside to the couple, or ex-couple. "just pay her the damn money and she'll be out of your life for good." i faced the man. luckly, i didn't get bothered by the couple's shouts anymore that evening. I watch my Grandpa fish when we can't catch anything. I watch my family love each other when we all are believing. The magician performs the first part of the act successfully, but is unable to make your son reappear. Fight for the one who has been rendered hopeless although no one can see it. Losing hope and identity in a world full of differences. I want to help and make a difference but can't even help myself. The reminiscing of scraped knees and sunburned necks was corrupted with dark clouds, and wet sand. obviously not expecting a high bustboy interupting them. i sighed as i walked back into the bathroom and started to draw another white line of coccain. I watch TV with my Grandma when she is feeling nice. Rewrite Bob Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" as a play. Write a short scene in which one character reduces another to uncontrollable sobs without touching him or speaking. Your main character finds a The Disappearing Act-You are at a magic show with your family, and your eight year old son is called up on stage as a part of the disappearing act. All thanks to my stanky attitude and inability to portray my true emotions. Livette (reacts with disgust, as her sister attempts to stop her from leaving the room) Chandra: Livette, why do you look at me this way? They looked at him, and the dark clouds forming above his head. Lost in an ambiguous world trying to make sense, of how an lost soul could loose ground of the real world and the unfairness that it brings.The steady pace of his feet thudding against the floor in strong determined strides. Free from all the insecurities and fears that plague us all. I thought I was free, but no one can compare with the aura of tranquility that radiates from him. You are the one that has my heart, And has ripped it out multiple times. Gatsby loved the lady very much that he throws parties just to impress her. But as the beast reared its head at the sound of her approach, Jenny turned her bum straight at him and drove her stinger into that ugly mug. This was brutally tough, but she knew she'd regret if she didn't follow through. Before she even opened the door, she could hear the sobbing begin. She took a deep breath and quickly closed the door. Every Second means every heartbeat, That I waste everyday thinking of you. However, everything changed when the lady accidently drives and kills the lady who had an affair with Tom. Gatsby did not consider that the main character must be happy that she's married. Ashok purposely blames Balram for killing a child at night while driving the car even though it was Madam Pinky who committed the crime. Ashok did not look at the truth but he was only considering what will happen to Madam Pinky and his business if people found out the truth. She drifted slowly away, watching, always fascinated, as her poison slowly turned the angry tarantula entirely motionless. Jenny only wished she could put some sexy music on. Instantly the wailing from inside took on a paniced edge. She breathed deeply and forced herself to not look back. The other combatant sitting, arms folded, looking away not wanting to see the other. Ed never understood how Terri felt or was hurt and this affected their relationship. But everybody was constantly recommending Sloans Lake. They hide it well and men dramatically yelling at their women over what they wear in public becomes much more publicized, but women can be crazy jealous. Jenny was your typical Tarantula Hawk wasp, albeit far less charming then her other wasp neighbors. The ever present question that I must press to myself, especially when women are involved is... In which case my shifty morals can come into play, on the surface everything seems kosher.

Wanting possibly to be somewhere else at this moment. If I had more time, I would do everything to the fullest extent, do whatever I wished. There is so much sadness in abusive relationships because they believe they are hopeless to do anything about it. People are not always happy with the ways things are. It was especially frigid today, but there was a sparkling tension to the air. The two shrill voices continue to pierce the otherwise tranquil scene. The phrase "The miracle of birth" was certainly not coined of Jenny's baby makin style. Oh he's just inviting her to church or walk around the mall. Yet a perceptive observer may feel something else in the air.

the music's today is beginning too difficult to comprehend how the artist tries to explain your ideas and tries to pass down to us in your music. Sometimes defined as good looks or great personality. I'm also terrified of being in the middle of no where and i cant find the location and with no stores or resturants or houses. I am currently aiming for a major in forensic sciences and travelling. I would regret saying things that I couldn't take back. I look away from my comrades because I know they believe in me. With each passing year the choices in his life seemed to narrow. As though it teases you to hit its refresh button, yet never guarantee or reveal a factual second chance • and not knowing makes it the more curious still 11. Guilt is telling you that I love you without meaning it. During an irruption, the pine siskin may abandon its wintering turf in Canada and fly south, east or west across Canada's vast boreal forest. I hear the brakes of the bus stop I front of my house, I get and start walking to it.

But why do we forget that the word has no specific "definition"? So now what is attractive according to me in most people? When i feel lonely, sometimes i playing music with power up, watch romantic comedy movies, reading a dumb stuff, and just lay in my bed all the day I am really scared of moving on emotionally. When people say things that would make you mad you say things that you wouldn't want to say, and at that moment you couldn't take back the words that you just say and that's something that I would regret What is your favorite place and why? I look away from fate because I know I can change it with my own strength. Until he stopped trying to choose and simply started trying to survive. Write a short scene in which one character reduces another to uncontrollable sobs without touching him or speaking. Siskins in the Appalachian Mountains may fly northeast or southwest, paralleling the mountain range. write about the bacteria and all the other microorganims living inside your gut, think about the world and how they dont even know that they are actually inside another creature, essentially you, and actually live in an ever expanding universe, and how neglegiably small they are and kind of relate this thing to our pathetic human life.

I think a quirky intellect, wise play of words and an admirable heart are the most valuable assets of beauty. On the chessboard the figures are arranged, the king fell quickly as the pawns were thinned. I understand that you only become better and grow if you move on, an this is my life's goal, but I can't get myself to move on and leave things behind because I care. I look away from the past because those are mistakes I have made and have fixed. That choice, the choice to stop being the master of his own destiny... "This happens, in some cases, every other year, or every few years," says Benjamin Zuckerberg, an assistant professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sadness is not knowing what to do in a class activity. Sadness is knowing you should be doing your homework right now, but instead you are writing 10 lines, each starting with the words, Sadness is... write about how our parents are more addicted to all this amazing technology , more than us.

Thus according to me beauty or "attractiveness" is solely in the eyes of the beholder Explosion inside me of living, wild emotions, your rhymes in me flow in the vein streams. Everyone knows, in such situations and the like, only others are guilty. I am afraid of not being surrounded of the people that I want to surround me and am really closed off to meeting new people because I really actually think that there is no one better than them. I look away from hate because I do not want it to consume me. As time has passed, I've found that my dreams of becoming an actor have become increasingly frequent. As a child he had listened to Beethoven obsessively. That was the day he had stopped listening to Beethoven. Violent reds, bold blues, gentle greens, playful purples swirled inside his head stretched and spinning like a marathon runner finally being released from captivity. "In the 'superflight' years, you get multiple species irrupting out of the boreal forest and showing up at feeders, in really large numbers." Reading hunger Hunger is a clue to these migrations, and the pine tree's cycles of fruit production -- called "masting" -- explains that hunger. And about the amazing time when parents where in this oblivion bubble where they considerd technology to be a piece of crap.

The pacer stops, the wanderer returns, they stare at each other in silence. Life holds many possibilities and it cannot end just because someone is divorced. Guilt is bottled lies looking for an honesty fueled escape. What could possibly be wrong with being just friends anyway? Just trying to keep the peace by being friends with a former girlfriend.