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Be realistic and create an opportunity for her to come closure to you.

Suppose, both of you are in a stroll, what you need to do is that place your palm near her waist and smoothly start rubbing until she gets aroused sexually.

Just think of the situation – you have a friend, who understands you well, who knows you and would stand beside you in all situations; he/she is certainly the perfect match for your romantic life.

The most important thing is that your have to be pragmatic enough to make her/him understand the situation, otherwise everything will be lost in the wave of time.

If you are too crazy to make a romantic relationship with your close friend…take time and wait for the perfect time to tell her. Your lip service can play a big role to canalize your friendship to romance.

Tell expressively and persuasively that you love her from your heart.

Try to be direct with her and make no hesitation in asking for dating.

Say, whatever you have at the earliest, because nobody knows what may happen in the days to come.Friendship and romance are inseparable in many cases, but it is not universally true for all.Many people are enjoying their romantic life that they started with friendship a long back.Keep a positive outlook and you can earn your desired soul by applying the tried and tested law.Once she shows any positive sign of continuing romance, try to make it doubly sure by giving her romantic gifts and sumptuous treats at renowned restaurants.Still, you need to be practical enough to judge the perfect time and place and of course, of the mental state of your beloved.