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Probably the most well known artist who sings this song is Kari Jobe.

There will also be a Wednesday daytime satellite as well, 12-2pm at DL & First Pres.SPRING I SESSION: 2/8 – 3/5 SPRING II SESSION: 3/8 – 4/9 Both are 4-week sessions.As always, it is designed for us to have a place to stop by and grab something quick to eat and at the same time hang out with some people before go about your stuff for the evening. Gracepoint Training School (GTS) is our training center available for all Gracepoint Berkeley Members and regular attendees in our College and Element ministries. College GTS will be Sundays, am-pm at Berkeley High.I myself experienced the positive aspects many describe: a sense of community, people bringing me food or helping me move, etc.

But there are deeper issues at stake: At Gracepoint, thinking for yourself is discouraged.As new students arrive to Berkeley, I must review Gracepoint rather than stand by.I don't deny that the outward actions of Gracepoint members seem nice.For those of you who missed today’s WMT meeting, please read the Winter 2008 FAQ on the FAQ section.Can't morality be based on utilitarian beliefs (good/evil being based on trying to maximize happiness and minimize suffering for our society).Spring semester is well underway and that means here at Gracepoint Fellowship Church we are rolling out our mission trips for the summer of 2009!