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The deal goes bad as it turns out to be a police sting, leaving Elizabeta paranoid that the police are closing in on her.

While Billy was inside, his second in command Johnny Klebbitz ran the club, and had given Billy's bike to the Angels of Death motorcycle club as an offering to ease over tensions.

Billy's first order of business is to reclaim his bike from the rival biker gang, which reignites tensions between the two gangs.

In addition to seeking a better life, there are two other reasons Niko comes to America.

For one, his former employer Ray Bulgarin has blamed Niko for a ship sinking during Niko's work as a human trafficker, an event in which Niko was the only survivor.

During the raid, he stumbles upon a stash of heroin that the Angels of Death had intercepted from the Triads, and takes it despite Johnny's insistence that doing so will escalate the conflict between the bikers further.

Dimitri Rascalov, Faustin's right hand man and friend, has become wary of Faustin's unstable methods and his refusal to reason with Dimitri's advice.Niko deals with the Albanians and works for Vlad to help his cousin out, but upon learning of an affair between Vlad and Mallorie, Niko decides to kill Vlad partially out of distaste and partially to clear Roman.The murder attracts the attention of Faustin, who hires Niko as a gun for hire to appease him. The Lost are a biker gang from Alderney, headed by Billy Grey, who has just been released from court-ordered rehab.Packie also introduces Niko to his brother Gerry, who runs the Irish outfit, and his sister Kate, who hangs out with Niko and takes a liking to him.Niko is brought on a bank heist with Packie, his brother Derrick, and associate Michael Keane.After playing through GTA 4 recently, I feel compelled to write up the main plot to it all. Niko contacts his cousin Roman, who arrived in Liberty City ten years prior and shares stories of how great it is living in America (stories which are rather embellished by Roman).