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Chris and I were looking at each other I think in disbelief that this was actually going on. We knew that we had forensic evidence, we had fingerprint evidence that linked to a particular suspect and both houses were in the near vicinity of railroad tracks. Craig Sorrell: Somewhere around May or June of 1999, I got a call from Vi CAP, which was the national database that we put the info in. And that - that was, you know, a very scary time, because I just - I felt - I knew that he knew I was still alive. She hadn't been in touch with her brother but she had been in touch with someone that was in touch with her brother. It's gotta be about convincing a jury to give him the death penalty, because he so richly deserved it and earned it. He ultimately pleaded not guilt by reason of insanity. We knew we were battling with the jury not wanting to believe that someone could do these horrible things to people and be sane. A lot of people did not want to believe - you have to be crazy to do that to someone. The jury reached a verdict after many hours of deliberation. Holly Dunn: I actually got involved in the penalty phase of the trial, so that's when they say whether he gets the death penalty or life in prison. Craig Sorrell: We were the last of the cases presented. Chad Goetz, University Senior: It was - probably , in the morning. At that point, I brought her in and set her down on the couch. Another detective and I were sent over to the University of Kentucky Hospital to check in on the victim. Heather Dunn Niemeier, Holly's sister: Her face was disoriented. And then, of course, staples of where they could - just to stop the bleeding. Just feeling so thankful that she was alive and that she was there. I have felt so guilty to not be there, to know that your sister is begging for her life.He asked Chris to get down on his hands and knees... I actually stuck my tongue out so that the gag wouldn't work. We had split seconds in where - our attacker would go back up to the tracks and we were down in the grass. Chris and I started strategizing, you know, saying, "OK, should I run? in the hopes that maybe someday down the road - there would be some similarities to other cases that I could become aware of to try to track this fellow down.14 MONTHS AFTER THE ATTACKDrew Carter, Texas Ranger: In December of 1998, a doctor was murdered in the Houston area....

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Heather Dunn Niemeier, Holly's sister: I began writing as a process of healing. The writing, I found, really helped me deal with what had happened. I would run down the hill of the front to our house across the fields. But I was hit five or six times in the front of my face and then, I turned over, and I was hit five or six times in the back of my head. Craig Sorrell: Holly described the suspect as a male, possibly Hispanic. I definitely think that there's parts of me that wanted to retreat away.: "Since as far back as I can remember, I've had the same dream. There were many mornings that I would wake up after a night of running all night in my dreams. I'm positive that he probably knocked me unconscious. my breathing was shallow enough that he thought he had killed me. But, at some point, I got up, and I realized that he was gone. Right after this attack happened, I just wanted to lay in bed and not get out of bed again.She would learn that her attacker was responsible for a multi-state killing spree. And, you know, it was just - I just felt like it wasn't fair. he loved the outdoors, he didn't have a care in the world. I was really upset about that only because I really wanted to attend I never really got the chance to say goodbye and ... Holly Dunn: I was really trying to remember every detail about my attacker. The broken eye socket, there was nothing they could do.The race was on to find him before he killed again. So, I could never get someone to hear my screams or run fast enough. It's not fair that - that I'm still alive and that Chris isn't. And I remember hearing his accent, thinking, "that is a Mexican accent."Det. She said that - he wasn't muscular, but he seemed somewhat wiry. As soon as I could get the surgery to get my jaw wired shut and my jaw fixed, my parents took me home.Holly Dunn: To know that he was doing it again, that he was more violent, that he was killing more people. Holly Dunn: [Devon Anderson] told me, "Don't look at him. Holly gave that to Chris and all the others that had been murdered. I said, "He's wearing a white button-down shirt." And they - I mean, I literally - I felt my hearing going into my head. And I mean, I was so close to fainting when I looked at him again that I mean - I don't know how I didn't. The jury did find that he was a future danger to society. Devon Anderson: After the trial, Resendiz was sent to death row in Huntsville, Texas. Holly Dunn: I chose not to attend the execution because Resendiz represented all those angry feelings that I had. In 1997, I met Jacob Pendleton at the outdoor store that I was working at. Heather Dunn Niemeier, Holly's sister: To see Holly happy, married is wonderful.

She was able to give a real-life person - to give them a real feeling of the brutality of this man. I said, "Yes."Devon Anderson: I wanted it to be the last thing that jury heard and the last thing they saw was Holly Dunn sitting on that witness stand saying, "That's the man." Holly Dunn: They said, "Well, could you tell us what he's wearing? And I decided to stay with my family, be surrounded by my family. He was the first guy that I dated after the attack. She has led our family in how we have recovered from this and it could have gone a completely different way where our family was devastated by this, but instead, we are so happy for how she's led her life.

It was there that she told me the worst story that I had heard in my life. And I went to a party with my boyfriend, Chris Maier, not far from campus. That's when he took that weapon that he had, and he held it to my neck and he said, "Look how easily I could kill you." That's when he stabbed me in my neck. I was like, "Okay, well, you know, what's gonna happen is gonna happen." I was staring at every scar he had, every tattoo he had. And she doesn't - maybe didn't even realize how much she was helping me by what she was doing. Craig Sorrell: We received a lot of phone calls and a lot of tips, and we followed up on a lot of people who thought they had seen this person.

Maybe this is what I had been running from in all those dreams as a child - this horrific story that happened to my sister."Holly Dunn, Heather's sister: In late August 1997, I was a student at the University of Kentucky. It was a little bit boring, so we packed up Chris' backpack with some beers, and we were gonna head down to the tracks. And so, we were talking to each other, trying to figure out how we were going to get away... I was thinking, "Let me remember everything about you that I can, because we'll get you at some point."And I tried to rip off my fingernails and dig in the dirt so that if I was taken away, someone would know that I had been there. We were able to establish - that we had a DNA sample of the suspect - from the rape.

But, then run down the stairs to play with my younger sister. We had that special bond that you hear people talk about. 29, 1997] I didn't get to hear the answering machine until I got home that night. I remember there being an oddly high number of calls. The room was dark and she woke up [at University of Kentucky Medical Center]. " You know, "I really have a family that wants to see me again." I said, "Do you have friends? " I was begging him, "Please don't hurt me." You know, "I will let you go. But, you know, there's always something that's pulled me out of that.

She was lying on her side and I put my head to her face and just held her. I won't tell anybody what happened here, just don't hurt me." That's when he started hitting me. My sister was my rock throughout this entire process...

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