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I will probably never go in the store in Riverton Wyoming again... The first time there were closes piled up on the the floor.

I was angry and upset that they stocked them back on the racks after hours of looking and fitting and walking back and forth to the fitting rooms.

The lady that assisted me the first is either the manager or assistant manager because she was giving orders to the other girls that work their.

My Mom & Sister worked for Beall's back in the 70's and believe me David Lee manager at the time had that store in tip top shape everyday.

I owned a business for 17 years and if you did not do your job your were fired. I posted my experience on facebook and you would not believe the negative comments that I received.

I said I would come back for my refund and she said I would have to wait on a loss management investigation.

I am a good customer of Beals, however, I will let everyone know in La Fayette how I have bee cheated and my fiance will be following up if you don't correct this immediately.I turned to the lady that told me to lay the garments at the counter and told her, (very upset) "what" after and hour of fitting and fitting and finding the right size and suitable office wear, "YOU PUT THEM BACK".I TOLD THE LADY LOOK FOR THEM YOU SHOULD KNOW WHERE THERE AT.I am sure I am not the only one who finds this store in horrible shape for a retail store and definitely the staff is very very very poor at what ever it is they are suppose to be doing... The store is such awful shape could not find anything if you wanted to and you sure do not have anyone to help you there is no customer service at all.There has be a large amount of things walking out of the store there is no one to wait on you or that cares.This store needs to be completed revamped and the employees fired before the next school year starts.