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“I’ve lost to crib death, and lots of things like that in my family,” he says, quietly. I can’t say that I understand that experience totally, but loss is loss.” where he unexpectedly “fell apart”, emotionally, because he was inhabiting the character’s head space. I realise that’s a silly sort of way to live but it was an interesting inner struggle for the character and I realised that what I initially intended to do was not going to be… So I let it be what it was; I didn’t fight it.” The oldest of seven, Renner’s blue-collar background meant he was expected to work locally in Modesto, California, where his father ran a bowling alley.

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According to Renner, Pacheco left Ava, who turns two on March 28, at home “without any supervision for approximately fifteen minutes” when she went out for an evening with her friends.According to Renner, Pacheco “failed to check that anyone was home to watch Ava,” leaving a family friend to rush home to care for the child. Guys shoot one another like an old Mexican standoff. “Blood spatters from a plastic bag inside your costume. “This movie’s about a local girl murdered on a remote Native American reservation. They press something, and whatever works for blood suddenly appears. And on my clothes.” As I left, some voice croaked: “You can’t leave. He expects to play this all over, plus a documentary. But the family’s in California, so now I live on planes. Michael Moore’s unscripted, all-in-his-head creating had B’way pros nervous at dress rehearsal, but his “The Terms of My Surrender” is grabbing Sarandon, Belafonte, Fierstein, Marlo, Tony Bennett, types whose hands won’t even turn right. I, however, must wash my hair that night — even if it doesn’t need it.

I’ve already seen it.” Our Harvey who art in the office — Hollywood be thy name.

The most damning allegations probably come from Kristoffer Winters, who’s described as a “close friend” of Renner’s who lived with Renner and Pacheco in the same Los Angeles home.

According to Winters, Pacheco admitted numerous times that she was only marrying Renner for American citizenship.

With the disturbing revelations drip-fed, the film is every bit as uncompromising as the morally murky The actor calls it “a wonderful education” and “a slap in the face, realising always how ignorant I am” when it comes to Native American culture.

“I feel like it’s something that should be celebrated.

While only three actresses made more than million in 12 months, 16 actors broached the mark.