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Recently, as The Washington Post’s Katie Mettler reported, “a combined total of 13 current and former employees of Fox News — all people of color — took three separate legal actions against the organization, alleging years of ‘hostile racial discrimination.’” Throughout all this, Smith has been equally praised and derided for holding his own network accountable.

He has corrected statements made by other personalities, such as when Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano made the unfounded claim that President Obama recruited British agents to bug Trump Tower.

As Smith told the students, both in life and journalism, the key is always finding the truth — and sticking to it.

“I wasn’t new in the business when I came here ― I’d been doing reporting for 12 years ― but I wasn’t old in it either, and he gave me every opportunity in the world and he never asked anything of me but that we get it right, try to get it right every day.It was a very warm and loving and comfortable place.” Smith has long been reported among the now-defunct website run by out editor Nick Denton, reported in 2014 that Smith had said “it’s time” to come out during contract negotiations, but Ailes bluntly told him the channel’s conservative audience wouldn’t tolerate a gay anchor.He attended a local Methodist church, and eventually went to college at Ole Miss.Partially due to this upbringing, Smith said, he didn’t consider his sexuality for most of his life.“I come home to the man I love, and I go home to family.” Throughout the speech, he related his own internal struggle with his sexuality to discuss wider issues, such as racism, Islamophobia and the Confederate flag. Get it out of my state.” And on racism, he said, “Every time we, as a group or as individuals, stereotype … Because the big black guy in the back is not always the criminal and the little white girl in the front is not always the victim.

Concerning the latter, for example, he said, “There’s a lot of stuff we’re gonna have to be a little bit flexible on. That’s really ingrained in us.” “It’s when we get together and talk it out and realize we’re basically exactly the same that things go much more smoothly in life,” he added. But those two things are not related, say Smith in a new interview.“That’s not true,” he told in an interview when asked about the reports. I loved him like a father.” Smith was also asked about reports that Ailes had openly used homophobic slurs, asking whether Smith had ever heard them directly. He treated me with respect, just respect,” Smith said.Unlike his married colleagues, he wasn’t bound by a partner at home.Unlike his single colleagues, he wasn’t looking for one.I didn’t want to ask myself that question or figure that out or learn how to deal with that,” Smith said. And then I met George Weinberg” — the psychologist who coined the term “homophobia” — “and he helped me figure it out.” “Now, I just want to win on Saturday,” he joked, referring to college football.