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What she wasn't counting on is the Darwinist weapons that the Brits have created; in this world, there are two types of military power: the Clankers (machine builders) and the Darwinists (bio-engineers).

For Aleksander, his only hope for survival is a rickety Stormwalker that holds him and his small crew.

For Deryn, it was her father that showed her the beauty of aeronautics and aerology, but, unfortunately, she was born a girl and not a boy.

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Barlow who is a bio-scientist and is carrying a top secret government secret.

The journey for Alek and Deryn takes a rather explosive turn where the end up meeting on a glacier in the Swiss Alps, which inadvertently brings the Clanker Austrian outcasts and the stranded Darwinists.

His father was a computer programmer in the 1960s-1970's that took his family to different parts of the country; his father and mother are native Texans. For more information on Keith Thompson, click on the following link.

Westerfield graduated from Arts Magnet High School, earned his Bachelor of Art in Philosophy from Vassar College in 1985, and his Master of Performance Studies in 1988. Justine and I are bisummeral, moving between the hemispheres to avoid the deadly scourge of winter.

Critical Evaluation: Scott Westerfield has written a cleaver alternate reality where machines and science will determine the fate of the world.

I am very new to the Steampunk genre and I have to admit that's its pretty darn cool!

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Plot Summary: Prince Aleksander wants nothing but to be just like his father the smart, thoughtful, and peacekeeping Arch Duke.

However, just because man has dominion over animals, doesn't mean he can use them in a way that puts their very existence at risk.

The Clankers, those who prefer mechanical robots, strongly oppose these "abominations," which leaves the readers wondering the true purpose of the war: eliminate the Darwinist methods.

Although the idea of animal weapons is a bit creepy, I would give anything to see a flying whale or a bat that is able to digest explosives.