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When Andy said, “I want to get started with the elephant in the room,” he was actually addressing the beef between Kenya and Michael.

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"You were sitting on the sidelines watching us like a f--king fan," she tells the 's resident bone collector, and Team Kim member, Sheree Whitfield, to talk all things reunion, she filled us in on what the day in question was really like. "When we talk about—I know Ne Ne mentioned this word before, that...a couple of the girls were "de-classing" the show—I feel like it was another show. People are going to enjoy it because they like that drama and all that, but it was bad."The three-part special won't just be about Ne Ne and Kim's feud, however.It was a huge bullying thing and I just felt like it got very out of hand."As for Ne Ne and Kim's showdown, Sheree admitted that it was reminiscent of their massive blowout in the very first reunion ever. "Yes way."Sheree, who said this this reunion was the worst one she'd sat through yet, told us she felt like she needed a vacation after the marathon day of filming. We'll also see Porsha Williams face the firing squad over what the group perceived to be insincere apologies for her role in the insane drug and rape accusation concocted by Phaedra Parks last season that ultimately ended her time on the show, while Sheree and Cynthia Bailey are forced to defend their current romantic relationships and Kenya Moore is made to explain why she kept new hubby Marc Daly a secret for so long.As for Kim and Kandi's Bravo spin-off ratings beef -- Burruss sets the record straight ...about how she was simply setting the record straight.Something about the body language and something about they’re not holding hands. Andy read a question from a viewer: “You’re now married and talking about how hard it is to be a wife, you have to take care of him, and he basically can’t do anything without you?

This is the girl who has a fashion show with no fashions and built a man cave with no man.” Kenya and Sheree went back and forth shading each other’s relationships in a Twitter feud last week. ” Then she added, “I actually think she did a great job in the play and I told her so. Do you regret how you spoke about Porsha’s relationship with Kordell [Stewart] since she was just trying to be a good wife too?DO YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF KENYA’S MARRIAGE ON REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA?Kimberleigh (Kim) Zolciak-Biermann, is a well known tv personality, singer & performer, and most importantly mother & wife.The only one that I kind of took offense to was Sheree.”Andy wondered, “About the nose ring?” Kenya shared, “Well, yeah the nose ring and then what she said on Twitter was out of line.It's enough to get pregnant newbie Eva Marcille worried, as she admits in the teaser.