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Relaxed environment and vibe for all ages, shapes and sizes. The resort was well maintained, had a newly renovated room that was also vey nice.We loved it when it was dumpy - but the resort has recently gotten a great upgrade, and it looks amazing now.A place you can really be yourself and the staff encourages it! We've been here 4 times and can't wait to go back, so it does feel like home to us!

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The best thing was everyone getting to be their self and be comfortable. Come here with an open mind, let go of ALL of your inhibitions, and get wild and crazy for a week! The resort was dead the entire week we stayed, they even chose to shut down the main buffet for several of the nights due to a lack of clientele.I would not recommend Hedo for gay people, unless a travel group is organizing a special week - like a lot of groups do. Hedo II has many activities offered to occupy the guests.If you call the customer service number, they may be able to direct you to a travel group that has gay weeks. Their web site lists the following: "Special Activities-Reggae dance classes 3 times per week. The fun at the nude pool and nude hot tub is a blast and goes until 5am.If you are into the food, you should not miss Friday nights, which have an expanded buffet which includes a lot of "fancier" items, like lobster tails and banana crepes flambe. Hedo caters to guests of all ages looking for an exciting time that is outside the normal resort experience. People tend to go to Hedo with the main goal of being naked and relaxed.

Thursday nights are fun too because it is foam party night. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee what age groups or clientele will be at the resort at any given time. Although the prude side is pretty boring - as in not many guests hanging out there. My fiance and I are getting married in September of 2012, we heard some resorts offer a program where our guests can call and put money towards our honeymoon through your resort. At this time, Cheap does not offer a honeymoon registry program.The staff and food and activities are top-notch, and you don't need to carry a wallet anywhere (which is good when you are naked).Stay on the nude side for the full experience (and to be closer to the hot tub). So what happens behind that door is between you and the maids.I am not sure of the price, but the customer service is great, just call. You'll find a similar demographic and atmosphere at Hedonism in comparison to Temptations, however, the traveler's age average in Jamaica tends to be older than in Cancun.There should be a good mix of both couples and singles. You can take the shuttle for per person or you can take the helicopter for 0 per person. It was extremely scary; therefore, my husband and I will be taking the helicopter when we go back.There are no location restrictions when you are on the resort, Despite booking a room on the "prude" side, you would be allowed to venture on to the nude side.