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A recently-released mobile version of Adam4Adam now exists.

Quick and easy to use, it offers most of the same features as the online version, just on your cell phone instead.

I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, but I am no longer committed to that city because I no longer have family. Can I become a friend, let me untangle your heart, make passionate love to your being....

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Adam4Adam is a community dedicated to providing a conversational safe haven -- an online world where you can openly discuss issues relating to friendship, relationship and sex.Just like any community, at Adam4Adam every member has a different way of approaching new people.Great for work travelers or folks that want to meet someone new outside their normal geographic location.Adam4Adam is also unabashedly sexual in nature, and both of its ads and profile pictures can be extremely graphic.A live webcam option adds a bit of interactivity to the site, but a lot of the gents on the video feeds require payment for you to view them in their entirety.

Every one that I saw was incredibly attractive and could easily work as a model. However, users can make a donation to the site to become an A4 member, which gives them a PRO advertising credit for a gay-related website or to their own profile page.

For a full recitation of the rules for use of the Adam4Adam site, refer to the User Agreement.

In exchange for your compliance with our community guidelines, Adam4Adam's Support Team is committed to nurturing a respectful, fun and lawful environment where lively discussions relating to friendship, relationship and sex are celebrated and honored, and where appropriate action will be taken against reported violations of this safe haven.

The highest ranked gay dating site according to Hitwise (March 2007, January 2011), Adam4Adam has a particularly large user base in the US and UK.

Costs are paid for by adult-oriented advertising, and escorts are not discouraged from signing up.

You can't beat the price (free, with a few pay-per-use options that don't stop you from meeting other guys), and there's no shortage of gay men on the site in most worldwide locations.