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It is all very well saying it is only casual and fun, but waiting for two weeks for a meet when others could meet you today is not fun and is pointless.

Most of these men go into chat rooms and make a beeline for the women they believe to be married, on the basis that they may be in the same boat, both longing for more broadminded and kinky sex.

The man is probably only wanting sex but women see it differently.If a woman is bored with her husband and wants to meet a man for fun is she going to choose the single man eager to be at her beck and call, take her out and buy her presents, or the much older man who has a wife at home and expects her to rearrange her day to be available to him for one whole hour friday morning, which he might cancel at the last minute, just for a quickie in an alley or the back of his car?A woman is rarely in the same boat because if she is reasonably attractive and willing it is unlikely her husband would not want sex with her. And most married women know at least one man, a neighbour, friend of a friend or whatever, who has made it clear he wants her, maybe loves her, so it is unusual for a reasonably attractive woman to be that desperate.Some of the married women they chat up are very naive, and take it as a compliment they are asking them to meet, not realising that that man has been there for three hours and asked two hundred other women before her.A guy who is not able to and willing to wine and dine them, buy them gifts, and spend a lot of time with them will probably get nobody interested.

After all, to the woman who is looking and gets lots of offers being wined and dined, made a fuss off, bought presents is all part of the excitement and makes her feel special.Men all over the country are paying to receive the same text.The woman does not exist and if she did she could do a whole lot better.He is not seeing women as pieces of meat there for his pleasure and there was something unique about this one woman.I did know a man who was unable to have sex with his wife because of her health, he had no intention of leaving her, so he tried to find a single mistress.Having worked as a relationship expert for many years and written for magazines and newspapers about this a lot of it comes down to economics and money. But he does not love her, respect her or care about her so who cares? Nine times out of ten because he cannot afford to move out. If he paid women for sex he would be skint and if he moved out he would be in a tatty tiny room in the worst part of town, all alone, with nobody doing his washing and ironing, and not able to see his kids much.