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Despite the vast and fairly dark interior, it was absolutely heaving and it was a challenge to just find one seat.

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) and still had to eat a Choux pastry before the departed. I was in LB for about 10am, which seems to be the current Bedfordshire hub of real ale housing a new brewery, a new micro pub and the Beds pub of the year.

Even better, the three pubs I did know about from the 2015 GBG were 10am or earlier opening.

VOYCE Changing Landscape of Long Term Care Conference June 14-15, 2018: 2018 Changing Landscape of Long Term Care Conference Location: Renaissance St.

Louis Airport Hotel on June 14 and Friendship Village Sunset Hills on June 15 The 7th annual Changing Landscape of Long Term Care Conference is a two-day event hosted by VOYCE, which brings together professionals from the long-term care community for an educational conference that focuses on sharing new ideas, learning dynamic strategies and building professional skills while earning continuing education units!

View owner George Randall's unique classic car collection, while sampling spirits throughout the store.

Also enjoy the Mann Meat's food truck serving up tasty grilled treats.

All of this has distracted me a bit from a thorough planning of my days out - last week I didn't make a very good job of working out how to do Raskelf, and this week I was 'surprised' to learn I had to change at London Euston for Leighton Buzzard.

This made my connection from Kings Cross tight so I strode down the main road in the rain (trusting my legs more than the tube!

Christian author Sandra Thompson Williams presents a compelling story about life, relationships and how chance meetings might make all the difference in this world and beyond.

Her novel features a woman named Grace who heard about heaven but never gave it much thought. But when a close call of life and death stared her in the face, she was forced to have the conversation.

The balance of the Whyte family household is rocked when Elaine makes the surprise announcement that she thinks she might be pregnant.