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Reporting the last logon date is also popular because it helps administrators know when mailboxes are not used.

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In this case, Get-Mailbox Statistics lulled everyone into a false sense of security by working flawlessly since its introduction. Available in PDF and EPUB formats (suitable for i Books) or for Amazon Kindle.You asked for a last login date and the cmdlet returned one. Mailbox assistants, like other computer processes, are persistent and keep on processing mailboxes even if their owners ignore them.So, if you run a quick check against mailboxes, you’ll find that everyone in the tenant apparently logs on around the same time: In short, we have rubbish data – unless you really want to report the last time an assistant processed a mailbox.The feature is not in Exchange 2016 but might be in Exchange 2019.

Over the years, many scripters have used Get-Mailbox Statistics to report different aspects of mailboxes like the mailbox size and the number of items in the mailbox.Old code and new systems is often an “interesting” mixture.Sometimes everything works and sometimes you need to rework code before it can cope with a new version of a product. Find what you need to know in “Office 365 for IT Pros”, the most comprehensive e Book covering all aspects of Office 365.Why choose Footprints Backpacker Hostel as your choice hostel in Singapore?Relax and unwind with massages, body treatments, and facials.The cmdlet still reports the property because if Microsoft removed it, they might break a bunch of scripts used by organizations.