Moving from dating to a relationship

Casual relationships often involve dating multiple people.

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According to the Relationship Counseling Center, entry into a monogamous relationship involves having a conversation about your expectations.

Both partners are clear about their goals to support, be honest and date only each other.

When you have a solid foundation of friendships; filled with activities and comfort, it becomes so much easier to succeed in dating.

This is especially true if you’re a romantic who expects to meet “the one” in person and not through online dating.

Ironically, right when I had just moved, I found more interesting dates on friend-based sites than I did on dating sites.

Casual dating can organically turn into something more exclusive and serious.I will not purport to know the perfectly right reasons to date.What I will do though is say that reflexive dating is not the answer when you move to a new city.People who are in a committed relationship have a level of intimacy that is unavailable in casual flings and dates.The expectation is that sex is something saved for the two of them exclusively.At that point in life, I didn’t know how to be completely single.