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agree, and I think this week was actually the first mention of strategy over heart.

I work in the entertainment industry and know how tough it is to get that break.I hope these guys get really famous and one day hire me for seems like the cast members this season are character archetypes too.What I can say to that is that early on, the cast typically tries to put their best face forward.They know there are cameras everywhere and they want to impress everyone around them.I wouldn’t say the house turned on him, but it was a dumb move and instead of owning it as dumb and being forgiven (and forgiveness runs as plentiful as the beer in this house because everyone makes mistakes), he kept doubling down and putting his foot in his mouth and poking people. The show is about finding your perfect match, and if you’re not actively seeking that out, it’s just not going to make it on the air.

What we overwhelmingly hear from the audience is that yeah the drama is fun, but they want to see these couples get together.These are the people, and we’re not putting words in their mouths or anything like that.The villains are the villains and the victims are the victims, and the people that kind of pull themselves out of it because they get overwhelmed or whatever, all of that happens naturally when you throw 20 people in a house.On the flip side, what could start as an can feel like love and quickly blow up when things get too intense. I think that’s one of the things about this season that’s so raw. In hindsight, it looks silly, but when you’re in the moment, those feelings are real, and the emotions for John were really intense.Some of what the audience doesn’t see is what happens when these relationships—or the perception of one—doesn’t play out, and how these cast members have to lick their wounds, pick themselves up and put themselves out there again.It’s a rocking good time, it’s funny, it’s crazy, it’s certainly dramatic, but our show actually works even more so than , for example.