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There's a single unsigned file, but otherwise the package took a reasonable amount of disk space, correctly protected its files from malware, and used just two background processes, which typically consumed under 100MB of RAM.

The Quick Heal Anti Virus Pro interface is cluttered, and not particularly intuitive.

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Meanwhile, common actions are more involved than they ought to be.

To scan external drives you must click Scan Custom Scan, then click Add to manually add each drive, then click Start Scan. Quick Heal took around nine minutes for an initial scan of 160,000 test files.

That's the kind of practice we'd expect from adware, not a professional antivirus application.

After installation, Quick Heal asked that we activate the trial to receive free updates.

Perhaps to avoid that, Quick Heal hides these options at the bottom of its program licence.

There's no indication they're there, so unless you scroll past more than 4,000 words of densely-packed legalese, you'll never know you've just accepted these ‘submit’ options.That wouldn't necessarily be a significant privacy risk, but it's not something asked by other antivirus providers and Quick Heal doesn't explain why it's required.As a final installation check we browsed the Quick Heal Anti Virus Pro files and folders.Quick Heal detected our test malware samples without difficulty, but we found the program's default settings also generated several false alarms.It quarantined Process Hacker almost as soon as it was first launched, for instance.On launch it downloaded the real program and kicked off the installation process.