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I know it's hard, but try to stay calm until you know the entire story.

Your friends words could have gotten taken out of context or maybe she was even misheard.

I always hear the argument "It's my body..." Why doesn't it apply to this subject? People are doing it regardless of what the law says. He is so nervous around women that he screws up any potential relationship. He's so ashamed to be a virgin.)I too would love to purchase a prostitute without the fear of going to jail. But I would love to be with a beautiful woman from time to time.

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Source: Shutter Stock The absolute best thing to do in this situation, if you're really upset? It might be tough, but it's the best way to try to figure out the whole story and to find out why she said what she said. Running up to her screaming and cursing isn't going to solve anything. Say, "I heard what you said about me and it made me really upset. " Try to talk it out and get to the root of the problem.The confrontation should ideally happen in person, although during school or work is never a great idea. And you can definitely let her know exactly how bummed out you were about the whole thing. Source: Shutter Stock In the end, it's up to you whether or not you want to continue a friendship with this person. If she barely apologized or if she's done this a few times already, chances are, she's more of a frenemy than a bestie. If you confront your friend, it may start an argument - not only between the two of you, but also between you and your source.That person may not have expected you to go back and say, "So-and-so told me what you said about me." Get what I'm saying?Source: Shutter Stock Like I said, don't jump to conclusions. Is this someone you're close to who doesn't usually lie about this stuff?

Or is your source a total drama queen who enjoys stirring up the pot?

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He wants to do what he wants whenever he wants, but he implies he still wants to be with a woman.

If more people in America have sex, maybe we'd be a little less of an obese country and it may lower heart disease.6. Drugs can have a negative effect on a person, but prostitution has a very few downsides. When asked about it, he says that he doesn't really want a girlfriend anyway because...pretty much he says he's selfish.

You can call her if you want, but just know that it will be more difficult to see how genuine she's being through the phone. Consider the circumstances: was this a one-time offense? You don't need friends like that in your life, so don't feel like you have to forgive her and keep her around.