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It has a non-diffractive 3.23mm diameter opaque PVDF mask with 1.36mm central aperture.

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In pre-clinical studies, it has shown higher visual acuity over wider range of focus than the Symfony.

“Concerning monofocal IOLs, I see many IOLs at a very high standard.

Premium IOL technology and advanced surgical techniques have significantly improved postoperative visual outcomes.

Future developments will potentiate development of new premium IOL designs that will provide spectacle independence and excellent visual outcomes after cataract surgery.

I still prefer open-loop IOLs and hydrophobic acrylic that are fully transparent (not blue blocking) and that do not have any reports of significant glistenings.

In the arena of presbyopic correcting IOLs, I prefer trifocal IOLs for patients that are hoping for spectacle independence.

An AAO Task Force consensus statement requires EDOF IOLs to be within one line of BCVA of monofocal IOLs; to have 0.5D more of defocus than a monofocal at 20/30 level (therefore, approximately 1.25D defocus), and 50% patients to be better than 20/30.

In my experience, EDOF IOLs have generally given good uncorrected distance and intermediate vision: however, near vision from standard multifocals may be better.

ACCOMMODATIVE IOLS Partially accommodating IOLs rely on changes in axial position of the IOL.

Single-optic IOLs such as Crystalens (B&L), 1CU IOL (Human Optics), Tetraflex (Lenstec) as well as dual-optic IOLs such as Synchrony (AMO) give antero-posterior movement said to give some degree of both near and distant vision.

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