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At the other exteme we have markets that operate as small dealer networks sustained by reputation and relationship.

The accelerator combines seed capital, hands-on help and a co-working location with an expert team to positively impact the trajectory of early-stage startups. Works with proven founders to develop and launch new companies.

After 10 years designing and building consumer services, the Expa team has identified many techniques that help create successful companies.

The Lab has an emphasis on the technical/engineering/science side of games and simulations.

Designed for startups developing connected hardware products and software services with the goal of helping them build businesses and brands that can scale.

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Please note that all course offerings are subject to change.Programs include ACRE, a business incubation program for pre-seed to series A startups, Power Bridge NY, a proof-of-concept center commercializing research from local universities, and Clean Start, an advanced diploma from NYU for people seeking a transition into the cleantech sector.: the design, operation and regulation of trading processes, mechanisms and protocols.Today's markets for stocks, bonds, and derivatives span a wide range in sophistication and complexity.For some securities, the market has evolved to an integrated network that offers very high levels of access and transparency.Problems and exercises are in STPP Problems and Exercises.