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Mobile phones and batteries cannot be recycled in your normal Council recycling bin.However, they can be can be deposited in the library during opening hours (as well as used batteries, mobile batteries, printer cartridges, light globes and unwanted spectacles).If you witness any illegal dumping, please contact the City via email [email protected] by calling (08) 9205 8555.

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All touch and fingerprint technology was based on capacitive sensing up until the introduction of optical fingerprint sensing in late 2016.

In 1991, Synaptics patented a refined "winner take all" circuit for teaching neural networks how to recognize patterns and images, so called because it uses basic physics principles in order to select the strongest signal from the array of different processors.

As adoption of the touchpad grew, Synaptics sought to integrate the technology with other products and expand the company with a range of human interface technologies. In 2004, Apple debuted the i Pod Mini and fourth-generation i Pod, both featuring a scrolling click wheel enabled by Synaptics' capacitive touch technology, and Synaptics also provided a similar, vertical solution for the click wheel of the Creative Zen Touch portable media player.

In October 2006, Synaptics provided a live demonstration of the Onyx, a concept smartphone with a color touchscreen enabled by its Clear Pad touch controller technology.

The Contractor for the Town of Bassendean is SUEZ Recycling & Recovery and they will phone the resident prior to the collection as a reminder. For enquiries about your rubbish or recycling collection service, please ring SUEZ on 9350 7195 For more information about Greenwaste and Bulk Rubbish Collections, or to obtain a copy of the Town of Bassendean Waste & Recycling Guide, please call the Town of Bassendean on 9377 8000.

To find out what day your rubbish and recycling bins will be collected please see below.

The correct date for Spring Green Waste collection is 3 September 2018.

Only four cubic metres of waste will be collected from each residence.

Green waste verge collections run smoothest when we all work together.

You can play your part by ensuring:​Green waste is only placed on the verge a maximum of nine (9) days before the scheduled collection date.

The Onyx's touch sensor could also tell the difference between a finger and a cheek, preventing accidental inputs during calls.